Our Story

Starting a publishing house…well, that came along the way…

We all know about dreaming big, about bringing value through what we do, believing, doing the work, staing focused and finding the right people.

After refusing to “settle” with my work, after deciding that I needed guidance, and finding the right people, we published GTAPR.

One of the people, that belived in my ideas, my project, and at that point a perfectly stranger, Fabio Pallveli, stood by may side (not literally, of course), through the process of publishing GTAPR.

In the summer of 2019, in Vienna, at the D2 Conference, we met to discuss the following steps, projects… at a juice bar.

We sat down and we concluded that after investing a lot of time, energy, money, people, and after learning a lot (a whole lot!!!!) we actually can take it one step further: what if….what if there are others out there that have something to say that can be helpful for each and one of us, that love art, that need those information?!…. and so, meeting at a juice bar, wanting to bring some new “fresh” ideas to live, The Juice Bar Publishing House was the natural thing to do….


„If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. „ Zig Ziglar

We belive in the power of learning. And our goal is to make it accessible to those that understand and want it. Which is why we want to bring to you sources that can improve your skills so you can reach your goals wiyh more clarity.


Customer oriented

We are motiveted to offer custumors a highly-valued expericence, one that makes it possible for them to align their actions with their values. We want to be their favorite place and their favorite partener, so we incorporate their input in what we do.

People matter

We search for talented artists that have excedeed their limits in the work they do. We value each person, celebrate realization, and we feel like it`s proper to do so as a team.

Passion for ART

We are devoted to the cause of art. Each of us should have the possibility to see the world through „art`s” eyes, to nourish our souls and let it bring the very best in all of us.

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